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Respir-EASE Respiratory Support

Respir-EASE Respiratory Support

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*New Respir-EASE Bundles now available!
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Included in Bundles (upon selection):
2oz Respir-EASE Tea
1oz Respir-EASE Drops
15ml Roller and FREE SHIPPING!!

1oz bottles of Respir-EASE Supplement are ONLY available in the "Respir-EASE Bundle"

ORGANIC Lungwort, Oregano, and Lobelia

Roller Ingredients:
Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus gl., Camphor, oregano, lemon, bergamot, Rosalina, thyme, and peppermint,

Supplement Ingredients:
Coconut derived glycerin, Usnea lichen, lobelia, lungwort, mullien (all organic/wild crafted
Usnea is an anti-microbial herb that kills unwanted bacteria. Unlike a prescribed antibiotic, it doesn’t kill ALL types of bacteria in our body, targeting only gram positive bacteria that cause strep throat, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections and more. Usnea also has a special way of eradicating infection throughout the mucus membranes, making it very effective against viruses as well.
Lungwort, used extensively in the middle ages to treat "the Bubonic Plague" had long been forgotten with the advancement of western medicines, but this incredible herbs many healing properties should not be overlooked. Combined with Lobeila it has the ability to improve breathing and open up lungs by helping to clear upper and lower respiratory congestion and effectively fight infection. Lungwort also shows promise in the treatment and elimination of resistant bacterial bio-films in the lungs.

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal
Safe for children 3 years and older.
Hand-crafted with Wisdom From Jesus Christ!
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