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Poison Ivy Salve and Burn Remedy

Poison Ivy Salve and Burn Remedy

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Aside from being a pretty but common wildflower, jewelweed — particularly spotted jewelweed — has an important medical use.
Rub up against stinging nettles — jewelweed to the rescue.

Native Americans used its sap to treat various skin rashes. If you crush the hollow stem and rub the sticky, clear sap on your skin, it quickly takes away the itch from poison ivy blisters or the burning sensation caused by stinging nettles.

The sap from jewelweed can also be used to ease the itch caused by athlete’s foot. According to information found on the University of Texas Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website, “scientific data confirm (jewelweed’s) fungicidal qualities.”

Pine Resin, wild-crafted in AZ, has incredible drawing properties that cannot be overstated. A salve made with it is able to draw out toxins and impurities and toxins and can even help draw out splinters and even glass!

This was formulated when my daughter developed a painful inflamed rash and reaction from poison ivy. It was the only thing that brought her relief. We frequently use i for bug bites and it works very well to relieve itching and burns.
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