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Pest Repel- DEET FREE

Pest Repel- DEET FREE

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Attention busy moms!
You wanted quick and easy? Fuss free?

You got it!

Introducing our new water/oil based Pest Repel Spray!
Long lasting formula in an 7.5 oz bottle that is and JUST as effective as our salve and roller Pest Repel!
This stuff is POWERFUL and very effective. Apply liberally to exposed areas and gently rub into spread out evenly over skin! Very effective formula! Repels many different insects

Spritz onto exposed skin while outdoors every couple hours for protection. Even repels ticks!
Safe to Spritz onto clothes. Shake well before use.

Organic soap nuts, filtered water, colloidal silver, organic olive oil, *sunflower lecithin (non gmo solvent free!), *Catnip hydrosol, *cold pressed neem oil, organic witch hazel, essential oils of *citronella, *lemon eucalyptus, *cedarwood, *geranium, *lavender, camphor and *lemongrass, wildcrafted pine resin essential oil (turpentine),

All natural NON TOXIC insect repellent.
Works to keep mosquitoes and even TICKS away!

Made with organic coconut and jojoba oils, pure gum spirits (oil of turpentine steam distilled from wild crafted US pine resin), essential oils of citronella, *lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, *lavender, cedarwood, camphor geranium, cold pressed *neem.

Pest Repel Salve contains all oils and resin listed above with the addition of Shea butter and beeswax Great for smaller children and babies. This our gentlest formula but still very powerful and effective! Comes in a large 2oz twist up tube.

We typically use the salve before going out and apply the spray while out as needed. ;)
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