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Numbing Migraine Butter with Bio-Available Magnesium

Numbing Migraine Butter with Bio-Available Magnesium

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Migraines are THE WORST!
Tension builds in the temples and the head begins to throb. Sensitivity to light and sound, and feeling nauseous because the pain is so intense!

I know what it's like and that's why I'm blessed and so honored to have been able to craft this Migraine butter with the help of the Lord Jesus! It's cooling pain
relief penetrates deeply for instant and lasting pain relief.

Pine resin, and peppermint synergistically relive pressure and tension in the head and help dull pain and relieve throbbing. Magnesium can help replenish low levels of Magnesium in the body as a bio-available boost of this important mineral. Since migraines can sometimes be caused by Magnesium deficiency, this balm gets straight to the the source of the problem, while simultaneously providing much needed relief!

Myrrh, and Copaiba are POWERFUL pain relievers and scripture states that Jesus himself was offered wine mingled with myrrh while he hung on the cross!

There's evidence to suggest that morphine replaced Myrrh as a chemical pain reliever.
Myrrh has been used traditionally for pain and and inflammation and is an effective remedy to keep in your arsenal! Please check out our liquid myrrh supplement made with 100% coconut Glycerine.
We also have a throat spray and cough drops with myrrh. All hand-crafted in our shop with God's wisdom!

Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ingredients: prayer, love, and a whole lotta Jesus, organic olive and/ or coconut oil), wild crafted pine resin, magnesium chloride oil, arrowroot powder, local beeswax, essential oils of hemp, Copaiba, myrrh, helicrysium, peppermint, sprearmint, clove.
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