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Heal ALL- Wound Care and Skin Conditions

Heal ALL- Wound Care and Skin Conditions

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Calendula and Helicrysium are by far 2 of the MOST healing and regenerative herbs God created!

Used extensively in the healing of skin conditions of all kinds. Calendula and Helicrysium have even been used for the fading of scars and stretch marks.

Powerful enough to knock out a fungal infection (including yeast diaper rashes, breast thrush, and ringworm). Yet gentle enough to heal a baby's diaper rash after one or 2 changes.

One of our customers even healed long standing dandruff by applying this salve to her forehead and temples each day.
Customers have testified that this salve has even been effective against menstural cramps, muscle soreness, and migranes.
Truly a God inspired herbal remedy that can help a multitude of skin issues and may even reach a little deeper to provide relief from mild pain. 😉

I formulated this salve for healing and regenerative abilities and to help with PAIN associated with skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, burns, cuts, and more!

When the doctors couldn't cure my son's bleeding yeast rash with prescription creams and medications, this calendula based balm came to the rescue! 4 weeks of struggling to get a terrible diaper rash under control was remedied in nearly a day! After ONE diaper change there was significant improvement. This worked when NOTHING else could.

For *PAIN* relieving effect: This BALM is formulated with a small amount of essential oil of hemp. This oil is NOT to be confused with CBD and contains NO THC or CBD because those compounds are NOT bioavailable through steam distillation. It is NOT a cannabinoid product. It is an essential oil produced through the steam distillation of (hemp).


This products’ pain relieving effects come from the monoterpenes that are naturally occurring in hemp oil, as well as the naturally anti-inflammatory components of calendula and helicrysium infused oil. This makes it a powerfully effective HEALING and pain relieving skin balm. Simply apply to the affected area and rub into the skin.

Select the strength of the pain relief desired at checkout. 3x will have the highest pain relieving effect.

Message me with any questions!

Ingredients: *olive and coconut oils infused with *helicrysium and *calendula flowers, local beeswax, hemp, lavender, and tea tree essential oil
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