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Gut Friendly Hand Sanitizer and Anti-viral cleanser

Gut Friendly Hand Sanitizer and Anti-viral cleanser

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This unique hand sanitizer is made with the gelling properties of flax seed and arrowroot powder. Distilled aloe infused with cinnamon bark and whole clove bud.
Combined with a 5 Theives blend of essential oils and high concentration of true colliodial silver.

With 80% colliodial silver (MediSilver and/or Silverbiotics brand)
Non toxic, disinfecting, soothing and moisturizing

Handmade to order in a base of flax seed and arrowroot gel, 100% true colliodial silver, organic witch hazel, distilled aloe, sunflower derived vitamin E blended with jojoba, baobb, and avocado oils infused with organic orange essential oil, coconut derived glycerine, essential oils of rosemary, oregano, lemon, eucalyptus gl., Clove bud, cassia, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, alcohol (wheat derived)

Use liberally with initial application and rub in for at least 20 seconds. Let hands dry naturally before touching surfaces.
2oz squeeze pouch
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