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Elderberry Drops

Elderberry Drops

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If you want to know HOW this is different than the traditional Elderberry syrup, and WHY it’s *better* then KEEP READING!! 😉

Many of us have heard about Elderberry “Syrup” and know the benefits of consuming it but have you ever heard of an Elderberry Glycerite?

This is VERY similar to a traditional tincture infusion but WITHOUT the alcohol! Most glycerites are made from GMO soy. Ours is unique in that it is derived from NON GMO coconut oil and has a slightly sweet and pleasant taste. Infusions made with glycerine are GREAT for kids who wouldn’t otherwise consume an alcohol based tincture, but our glycerites are STILL powerful enough for adults as well!

We slowly infuse our Elderberries in certified organic vegetable glycerine and elderberry juice, with organic cinnamon, clove, turmeric, black pepper (for absorption) and ginger root, for 6-8 weeks! So the end result is an incredibly concentrated infusion that is much stronger than your traditional Elderberry syrup. Only a very SMALL amount is needed (5-7 drops) , so a small bottle can LAST awhile! Even with daily use.
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