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Ears To Hear-Pain Relieving EarAche Remedy

Ears To Hear-Pain Relieving EarAche Remedy

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Our "Ears To Hear", earache remedy is specially formulated by slow cold infusion, with organic virgin olive oil, organic Mullien leaf, lavender buds, fresh garlic, and organic myrrh gum resin.

It's antibacterial, anti-inflamatory, and pain relieving properties are unpresedented!

Mullien and myrrh are used are to relieve pain and kill bacteria. They help to increase blood flow and help the body to drain and expel blockages in the ear canal.
Garlic's anti inflammatory and anti viral properties are ultilized to help speed healing during an earache and decrease inflammation in the ear.

We slowly infuse organic virgin olive oil with these herbs to create a beautifully balanced ear oil that is both POWERFUL and gentle. Safe for ALL!

1oz bottle- a little goes a long way! Long lasting!!

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