About Us

Howdy!! So happy you found us!

My name is Tiara and I'm a work from home full time mama on a mission and my products and handcrafted goodies have been a passion of mine since before the birth of my 5 year old daughter. Creating and crafted new and fun skin care products brings such joy to my life and I love a good challenge, so if there's anything you don't see here, that you want,- shoot me a message and let me know! I love accommodating custom orders and many of my products started out as an idea that a customer had and brought to my attention! There may even be a lifetime discount involved in a product a customer helped birth, so don't be shy! Reach out and hit me with your ideas!

I'm blessed to be able to say we will be expanding our shop and adding new and amazing products periodically as I begin getting all my own ideas off the drawing board and into the shop! My 4 kids JUST started public school after 9 years homeschooled so I have a TON of free time on my hands to create and explore new ideas, as well as ensure orders are shipped in a timely manner.

Some things you can expect to see in the coming weeks/months are:
-Handcrafted pre-lit cross wreaths (made on site for the holiday season)
-Handcrafted resin coasters and trays (possibly tumblers)
-Temporary natural filling kits that can actually halt decay!
-Respiratory support elderberry kits (with all you need to make DIY homemade syrup yielding 16oz of delicious immune boosting support during flu season)- All you need is honey!!

Much more to come!

Thanks so much for checking us out and continuing to bless us with your support!
Our customers are the BEST part of Tiara Wellness!
We love you!

-Tiara and Trinity